MOTs for Reigate and Banstead Motorists

Our company provides a full range of services for customers in Reigate, Banstead and all surrounding areas. In addition to our car repairs and our car servicing work, Boud Services also perform annual MOTs for local motorists.

MOTs are administered to check safety, emissions and roadworthiness on every type of vehicle. The test is for vehicles aged 3 years and over and all owners are legally required to present their vehicle for an inspection on an annual basis.

The test takes around 45 minutes to complete and, if the vehicle passes all of the elements required, a pass certificate will be issued. Like all good garages covering Banstead and Reigate, we have modern facilities available for MOT testing.

The Main Elements of MOT Testing

MOTs are carried out using a series of physical and observational checks. These include an inspection of safety, emission and roadworthiness standards, which determine whether your vehicle will pass or fail.

Sometimes, we will discover something that may become an issue in the future but won’t stop your vehicle passing the test. Findings such as these will be presented in writing to our Banstead, Reigate and Surrey customers at the end of the test.

If your vehicle fails the test on the first inspection, we can carry out the necessary car repairs to make sure it passes the subsequent re-test. We won’t undertake any car repairs until we’ve spoken to you first and we’ll always give you an accurate estimate stating how much these repairs will cost.

A large percentage of our customers combine MOTs with annual car servicing and this can be arranged for you at a competitive and inclusive rate.

MOT testing is undertaken using state-of-the-art facilities. Customers in Banstead, Reigate and Surrey can feel assured that all MOTs are completed in an open, fair and transparent manner. We can offer MOTs a month early, if you require them, and we can book you in any day during the week at a convenient time.

  • Exhaust and Emissions Check
  • Fuel System Check
  • Horn Sound Check
  • Indicators and Light Check
  • Mirror and Door Check
  • Registration Plate Check
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Check
  • Vehicle Structure Check
  • Wheel, Tyre and Brake Check
  • Windscreen, Wiper and Washer Check

Try our MOT checker here to see when your test is due